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Friday, September 10, 2010

Web Design 2-Redesign Commercial Website

Redesign Commercial Website: Susu Lembu

Home Page

- The navigation have roll over effect.
- The banner have some shining effect around with their product.
- The fonts can be better.
- The overall design still can improve a lot, now it looks unfriendly and un-attractive.
- Fail to find the identity of their company or product.

Product Range

-hard to let the user know the product pictures are a button, means can click.
-look very old fashion and boring.
-no information.

Corporate Vision/Mission

-contents arrangement can be better.
-overall feel boring and impatient to read.
-no picture to attract the audience.


-Feel like a boring form.
-Fail to attract the user fill in for the feeback.
-Should be more styling.

4 Competitor Websites:

Nestle is a very famous food and beverage company in Malaysia. The overall design is better that Goodday. This website looks professional, organized and clean. The colors which are using in this website are interesting even is their navigation, they just pick the colors from their product. It is a way that can success to show out the identity of their product.

Dutch Lady is one of the popular milk website. The hierarchy, typography and the design are obvious and nice in this website compare to Goodday. The overall of the design are success to show out the feeling of harmony and healthy of their product.

F&N is the parent company of Magnolia dairy and fruit products. The website designis very boxy and look un-interesting but the overall design are better than Goodday because it look more organized.

Malaysia Milk Sdn. Bhd. is the parent company of the Marigold's product. The design of this website compare to the Gooddays, it will be more better. Even is the navigation, typography, pictures or the content arrangement, this website will be more clearly and tidy.

4 Beautiful Websites:
This 4 websites that i was found are quite interesting and beautiful even in their layout design or the content arrangement and so on. And especially is their flash graphics which are enough attract the user.

4 HTML/CSS/Javasript Tutorials Websites:

1. Form Field Limiter
2. Flexi slideshow
3. Switch Menu
4. Top Messages

4 Photoshop/Illustrator Website Design Tutorials:

1. Sixrevisions
2. Webdesign Photoshop
3. 1stwebdesigner
4. Tripwiremagazine Photoshop


Gantt Chart (Click for Enlarge)

Site Map (Click for Enlarge)


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