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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Icons design

my icon design here~giv me some comments frenz~

1. The icon was (easy/difficult) to (understand/use/navigate)
A.Strongly Agree B. Agree
C.Disagree D. Strongly Disagree

2. What suggestion do you have for improving my icons?

3. Choose the relevant comments :
-The icons was easy to understand
-The icons was confusing
-The icons kept my interest

4. Overall is ok?nice?

5. How about the colour and other?

Just post yr comments n tell me whr n wat i can improve them~Thanks!


chloe said...

overall is ok ...
may be the home too simple liao..i mean the vector 2~then the vector 2 right ...if can try to draw number there to represent phone..may be draw in the button~i mean the number..so that more clear~the colour of the home right~try to use colourful colour~will make people more happy when we saw the icon~the up part colour is nice ,only the down part change other colour in stead of using brown.

Fang Lee said...

2)i think the vector icon, (right hand side) i think very nice, cute glossy icon but the(left hand side) not much of glossy....maybe can put more?? hehe...

while the pixel icon, can put more layer of colours to show the color changes....hmmmm...

3) the icon was easy to understand

4) colour very nice....

Victor da Lee said...

2. simpler concept?
3. easy to understand
4. ok
5. not very special

Lychee said...

1. easy to understand~!
Home- the gown colour, didnt really think is gown, mayb really like roof. some highlight?

Contact- Nice Tux XD! highlights for phone?

Home- cute, but the shadow looks weird...bricks of wall only visible on d end...

Contact- weird shadow on the top of phone? shouldnt it be highlight?
nice tux, but collar looks like jelly... weird radial highlight in d center, too obvious...

3. easy understand

4. is quite nice XD

5. i think i mention at 2.

XD~ rmb 2 comment on mine~!

Doggie said...

1. Agree, easy to understand.
2. Not satisfy with vector2. I means it's shape not suite and colour still fine.It's look simple..Btw i not good in artwork..So this is my suggestion.Apart from that pixel 1 n 2 are confusing and looks outdate..Nowadays, people demand realistic@.@ 3D n else just make it look real then perfect. You may try to arrange their outlook by it's colour. And thats all, Jossie good! So nice! Could try to design. Support you!!
3. The icons kept my interest because this icons is the first time i met. Maybe thats why it's call design.
4. Overall fine.
5. Colour i mention just now .. Ok but not very okay.. So it's medium i think.

mandy said...

not bad~which i wan to tell u is about the highlight..hmm...maybe can change a way to highlight it again~cos yr highlight at here is not very clear~cos hightlight is also quite important to make yr icon to be more realitic..i know u can do it more better~dun be lazy ya...keep it up!

Tan said...

the pixel 2 not really like a handphone.. i think is too complicated ... n the home is a bride rite? i think need to change the colour too..

Anonymous said...

overall very nice oredi~
vector1 very good~ i like the details~ ^^
if u say improve, i think not need, very nice oredi. if u really wan, i think u can improve vector2, becos ur vector1 too many details, so make ur vector2 look simple lo~ and pixel2 de "head" de colour change to other colour, this colour not really nice~

kazen_koh said...

2)the home icon, try add windows... i think it can communicate well, try make any texture surface effect on the home icon... colour combination can b better...

3)eazy to understand
4)overall is nice, still can be improve
5)colour is good but can add more tone... and can add more detail on the home icon.... GAMBATEH~~~

liew said...

THE colour of VECTOR2 can be inprove...
overall ok....
i like ur vector 1....nice^^

Anonymous said...

i m so sorry..coz i duno hw to giv any comment to u ..
just can giv u abit only..paiseh ya..

it was very simple ...n easy to understand it..the overall is ok ...
the colour at vector 1 ..
u try to change it abit..
dun giv 2 same colour..coz cannt see special