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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Why do you want to use flowchart in your mobile interface design & screen interface design? How will it help your users to meet the interactive goals ?

Flowchart is a pictorial representation of the steps in a given process.Flow chart visually depicts a process or the stages of a project.It provides a common reference point for those involved in a project or procedure. It is also a helpful point of reference to find errors in a process or project.

I want to use flowchart in my mobile interface design and screen interface design, that is because flowchart can used to help brainstorm ideas to build a strategies in a planning stage and solve the problem.This is because flowchart can helps to clarify how things are currently working and how they could be improved.

Flow chart includes start and end points, with inputs, outputs, possible paths, and decisions along the way.So that we wouldn't easy to get confuse in the process of doing our project, just like when we are doing the mobile and screen interface design.

Furthermore, the act of mapping a process out in flow chart format can helps us clarify our understanding of the process, and also can helps us think about where the process can be improved. Yea, i think that flow chart and mobile interface design and screen interface design are almost similar, they are showing and lead us that what we need to do in the next step.

Besides that, we can show our client how our design work by using flowchart so that he can understand and how the flowchart flow with the design outcome and how it interact.With flowchart ,user can overlook minor problem and mistakes. So that, flow chart is more convenient and easier for everyone to do their presentation to an audience or client. It just same with I am using a flow chart to explain the process of my mobile and screen interface desgin to my lecturer.

Actually flow chart just like a mind map, it simple and easy to understand. Follow the key words in the flowchart, my user can more clearly, understand and reliase what they are actually want and what I am doing and thinking. Flowchart can solve the problem and make sure all thing are going on with correctly.It help my users to meet the interactive goals with easily.


Melatoninja said...

I agree, a flowchart is similar to a mind map.

Ok, so my question is this: say that you use a flowchart to reduce problems. So, what kinds of problems do you think you will face when designing your mobile and screen interface?

JOSSIE said...

what should i use for design it?
what theme i should design?
what function with my design?
who will interest with my deisign?

then,how the flow chart solve tis problem?

yea~flowchart is similar to a mind map. We can find the problem there, then we also must think how can we solve the problem there.
like Mobile Interface - what theme?
then we just find a theme to replace it~

Kit Jr said...

!!!-.- Quite interesting! (learn form Mark Teh when he was speechless)

Sook Chiung, I want to see what you will comment for whole class. Will you read all? (GG)

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