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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lesson 1

The Ten things to describe myself.

1. I have a brown color hair since I was born.

2. Loves to play, but I knows when to be serious. Have requirements in life, and a perfectionist.

3. Stubborn.But I have attitude. Whether in life or in work, I have my own standards and morals to follow.Be responsibility.

4. A person who anti-vegetable and anti-spicy. I don't like vegetable, and I am never eat vegetable, but i like green color very much. I don't like spicy foods too, my stomach sensitive in spicy food.

5. Look ferocious or cool but don't worry, if u guys know me, u guys will feel that I am quite friendly and kind.

6. Outgoing, sporty, like sleeping, reading and photography.

7. A 100% Christian, Hakka girl and Sabahan.

8. I greedy to eat, but no easy to gain fat.

9. Hearing is not very good. Sorry about that if sometimes i fail to listen what you guys are talking to me.

10. Forthright and cheerful. Sometimes maybe i have bit bad temper, but sorry about that.

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